Ken's Favorite Porter

Batch #64, Brewed 11/18/89

18 lb. Klagges malt
1.5 lb. Roasted malt
1 lb. Dark crystal malt
3/4 lb. Black Patent malt
1 lb. Chocolate malt
2 lb. Toasted Klagges malt
1 oz. Cascade, bittering
2 oz. Oregon Fuggles, 5.0 alpha, bittering
1 oz. Cascade, flavoring
Chico Ale yeast, dated 4/89

Yeast: start 4 days before brewing, make a starter one day before brewing.

Mash: dough in 3 gallons of water at 125, stabilize at 110, rest.
Add one gallon boiling water, raise to 125, rest.
Add one gallon boiling water, raise to 138, rest.
Raise to 150, rest.
Raise to 160 til conversion completes
Sparge with 13 gallons of water at 180 F.

Boil first and second runnings as separate batches.

64P: Second runnings plus one gallon of first runnings.
64S: Stout from first runnings, package on draught.
64M: Half porter, half stout, 4th place 1990 BABO