Annual La Quebrada Barley Wine Bash

December 6, 1997

La Quebrada #42, Barleywine #1, 1988
La Quebrada #54, Best Cellar Barleywine #2, 1989
La Quebrada #65, Hibernator Barleywine #3, 1989
La Quebrada #85, Opus Two Barleywine #4, 1990
La Quebrada #150, Sesquicentennial Barleywine #5, 1994
Sierra Nevada Bigfoot 1989 (the last bottle)
Sierra Nevada Bigfoot 1990
Sierra Nevada Bigfoot 1991
Sierra Nevada Bigfoot 1992
Sierra Nevada Bigfoot 1993 (thanks to Jim)
Sierra Nevada Bigfoot 1994
Sierra Nevada Bigfoot 1995
Sierra Nevada Bigfoot 1997
Tom Fries' B1
Tom Fries' B2
Joe Setzer's
Kelly Dunham's
Micah's Cain 1997
Rogue-XS Old Crustacean 1995, 26 Plato, 120 IBY, 38 L, 7 oz. Bottle
Piraat Ale, 10.5%, Belgium, 330 ml bottle
Trappistes Rochefort Bier 10, 11.3%, 33 cl., Abbaye De Notre-Dame Des Saint Remy, Rochefort Belgium
Young;s Old Nick Ale, 550 ml., The Ram Brewery, London, England
Moylan's Old Blarney Barleywine, 22 oz., Moylan's Brewing Co., Novato CA
Santa Cruz Brewing Co. Beacon Barley Wine Style Ale, 22 oz., Santa Cruz CA.
Old Foghorn Barley Wine Style Ale, Anchor Brewing Co., San Francisco CA.
Bornem Trippel Ale, Br. Van Steenberge, Ertvelde Belgium
Golden Bear Hibernator Winter Ale, 22 oz., Golden Pacific Brewing Co., Berkeley CA.
La Trappe Trappist Ale Quadrupel 1994, 330 ml, De Schaapskooi, Tilburg Belgium
Celebrator Doppelbock, 11.2 oz., Privat Brauerei Franz Inselkammer, Aying Germany.
Samichlaus Brown Rare Imported Swiss Malt Liquor 1995, Brauerei Hurlimann AG, Zurich
Pyramid Anniversary Barleywine Style Ale 1994, 8.5 oz., Hart Brewing, Kalama WA.
Murphys Creek Deliverence Barleywine Style Ale, 22 oz., Murphys Creek Brewing Co., Murphys CA.
Lagunitas Lagunator Solstice Ale Holiday Release, 22 oz. 6.5%, Lagunitas Brewing Co., Petaluma CA.
Snow Cap Ale 1994, Hart Brewing Inc., Kalama WA.
J.W. Lees Harvest Ale, 1995, 275 ml. 11.5%, Greengate Brewery, Middleton Manchester England
George Gale & Co. Ltd. Prize Old Ale, 275 ml. 9%, The Hampshire Brewery, Horndean Hampshire England
Traquair Jacobite Ale 1995, 33 cl. 8%, Innerleithen, Peeblesshire Scotland

Tasting Notes:

There was no clear consensus this year on the best vintage of Bigfoot. There were votes for '91, '94 and '97.
The Deliverence was highly acclaimed, but it was sad drinking the last bottle.
The only truly bad beer of the group was the Beacon which was infected, maybe just a bad bottle.

See you December 4, 1999