The Mad Brewer's Diary

September 17, 1995

Breakfast was very good at the B&B, the mushrooms in particular. We got our act in gear early, on trecked back to the train station, stopping to take pictures of the famous market square landmark. We have great plans today, as we are headed for St. Austell in Cornwall. This is a long way from West Sussex, even by train. Eventually, we managed to be waiting for a train in Bristol, so we check out a local pub. it must have been all of a hundred foot walk from the train station. They, meaning the only customer and the proprieter, were watching the Ryder cup on the tele. I ordered a bitter from the hand pump for me, and a Bishop’s Tipple in the bottle for Kim. At 9% ABV, Bishop’s Tipple is a truly fine barley wine. It went well with the toasties we had for lunch.

Many hours later, and a very scenic train ride along the coast, we arrived at St, Austell. We had booked a room at the Duke of Cornwall B&B, which was recommended by BBB. This was a mediocre choice at best, but the restaurant was still open when we arrived, so at least we got something to eat. This might sound like a trivial thing, but it can be very difficult to find food during off hours, especially in small towns. The real ale complemented the meal, Tinners Bitter, which has an acceptable hopping level, and Wrecker’s Strong Ale, which is a little more, and very nice. After sitting on the train all day, a pub crawl on foot was in order. We walked about a mile to get to the center of town, which was a much nicer area, with several pubs, hotels, and B&B’s clustered together.

The first pub we tried was not very good, but undaunted, we headed down the street to the White Hart, which is a hotel, with a bar. A group of people were celebrating a birthday, and the guest of honor was feeling no pain. The dogs were hurtin for certain, so we cabbed it back to the Duke.

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