The Mad Brewer's Diary

September 26, 1995

After a very yucky breakfast, we headed off on the train to Scarborough, which is located on the north east coast area. We stayed at Aberdeen House, a rather forgetable, but inexpensive B&B. The effects of my cold were wearing off, so we managed a pretty good pub crawl. At the Equestrian, they had Killkenny Irish Ale, although not a real ale, it has a very good hop balance. There is one heck of a bottle shop on the same street, which had me salivating, but not buying anything, as it would have to go in my backpack.

We took a long walk to the Tap and Spile, which is one of the best pub chains in Britain. This particular outlet had 9 real ales on tap, and it was the off season! Big Lamp Bitter (#1.25) fruity and hoppy, a good brew. Old Peculiar (#1.65) is dark and strong. Kim had 3 pints of it, and still wanted some more. Hoskins Supreme (#1.70), lots of malt. Hadrians Tap and Spile (#1.25) is very hoppy, great hop nose. Cropton "2 pints" is creamy, with a bitter aftertaste.

On our way back to town, we stopped in the Falcon Hotel for dinner. A very good (lucky) choice. The food was excellent, the beer was mediocre. Theakston Bitter, makes it hard to believe they brew Old Peculiar. Younger Scotch Ale is malty and creamy.

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