My Summer Vacation





A visit to the Altstadt is a must for any tourist, or even locals.   An amazing assortment of bars, pubs, restaurants, bric a brac, and beer gardens is located adjacent to the river.

The beer is, of course, Alt.  What makes it so great when served here is the fact that it's naturally carbonated, and served straight from the barrel by gravity feed.  The barrels are just big enough to last about an hour, and then another one is pulled from the cellar.  Talk about fresh!


Lots of food, but the reason for the crowd inside is that a storm swooped in rather suddenly.

And now for something completely different...Tyco Drummers, courtesy of the pub next door.

Beware of the Killepitsch, and B52's for that matter.  One too many, and you will look like this.

In between visits we have been know to frequent a pub or two in Neuwied.