My Summer Vacation




The Party, Part V

Yea, it's Bob sporting his latest fashion statement, the Yorky flag.  Note the half empty bottle of Duvel, which he is not sharing.  Bastard!


Bren looks like he has joined the services as a nurse.  No, you uneducated lout, that the flag of England.

No girly men allowed in the State of California.  Just big, bad bears.  Note the empty glass, no Duvel.

Kim models the stars and stripes, I've seen this somewhere before.

Ground Zero, Fortrum.  A word of advise, do not attempt to walk back to the Gite, on a moonless evening in the middle of the night without a map, or any idea of where you are going, and after drinking enough beer to be lost in a restroom.  Just a thought.  But you can always depend on the kindness of strangers.  Sometime, the stranger, the better.

Still no Duvel, better check the next set of pictures.