My Summer Vacation




St. Colombe

There's going to be a party tonight.  I think I stole that from a song.  Anyway, a good party requires good beer.  That means local beer, fresh beer, real beer, and if Arnold had his way, no girly beer.  But that would be a big mistake.  Nice carry out.


And Girly beer requires girls, or in this case, several.  Women, that is.

More attempts at carry out.  Hey, there were 200 liters of beer from St. Colombe alone consumed at the party.  The only wonder is that it all survived the trip back.

It's always nice to see everyone holding their own, in this case holding up the barn is hard work.

Polle, and the travelling tap.  This contraption (the beer box, not the trunk) is way cool.  Just plug it in, and add some water, and the beer is chilled.  What will those French think of next?

Meanwhile, inside the brewery, we gather round the equipment to take some photos...of other people taking photos of...

The brewer, or should I say brewster, on the right, is from Holland.  This is the cellar and tap room, literally carved out of stone below the barn.  Time to go to the party