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Turkey Time:
Back to the Future

Edward M. Petryk, BSEE Case Western Reserve.  In preparation for his current position, some sort of high level mucky muck manager, Ed designed hardware for a PDP 11/40 to do real-time data acquisition.

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Gregory C. Edgington BSEE University of Dayton.   Probably still enjoys sports and photography, but is actually famous for two things: escaping Ohio, and his lovely wife Theresa.

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Harry Graham, BSEE Ohio University.  Although his bio says he spends his time "Camping swimming and playing softball", I'd bet against it.  Yet another escapee from the Ohio winters.

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James L. Meyerson, BSEE Purdue University.  Where to begin!  At least he had the sense to marry Clare, and has two lovely children to keep him young.

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John D. Abel, BSEE Ohio University.  The sole representative of the class of '76 at the turkey reunion, John has finally escaped from Bull, at least from an employer perspective.

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Richard E. Riley BSCS Kansas University.  Voted most likely to never leave Kansas (or Minnesota), Rick (Also known as "Mister Executive Vice President" to us little people) now resides in Palo Alto with his lovely wife and childeren.  Or so he says.

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Larry Polyak, know as Lawrence J. to his close freinds, is from someplace in Illinois.  Larry's objective is to be a house husband, but he continues working for reasons unknown to all.

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Clare Neubauer Meyerson, from a class of the 80's, much to young to have experienced a real Kansas Day party.  Still stuck with Jim after all these years.  Also holds a position as Executive Marketing Director for the La Quebrada Brewery and Ale Emporium.

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Dan McCarthy, Lehigh University, and an ex-New Yorker.   Dan has four lovely children, and has managed to get Pat to stay with him for many years.  Please send us some embarrassing comments to put here.

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