Comdex Sucks Happy Hour

Brewery announces new lows in depravity

Dateline November 23, 1996-- San Jose CA -- for immediate release, if not sooner.

La Quebrada Brewery today announced that Comdex is no more, the party's over. However, the pictures and memories (or lack thereof) will last forever...

Wendy test the taps -or- I never met a wheat wine I didn't like...

John avoids the Comdex Draught by hiding behind Harry and Kevin

Kevin searches in vain for all the business cards he got at Comdex, while John tries to remember his own name, also to no avail.

John shows off his good side to the camera as Kevin is forced to view the flip side.

John models the latest in noseware for the fashion unconscious.

La Quebrada Brewery is the leading supplier of way too much fun on Saturday Nights following long and boring trade shows held in Las Vegas. The Brewery has a long history as a good place to drink beer.

Photos supplied by Chris Miller

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