The Original Wheat Wine Recipe

Batch number: #119

Beer Name: We Eat Wine aka, Wheat Whine.

Brewed: 9/11/92

Batch Size: 11 gallons

Brewers: Harry and Barry

Mash ingredients

21 lb. wheat malt
10lb. pale malt
2.5 lb. light crystal malt


15 lb. Dried Wheat Extract (DWE)


3 oz. Centennial, 11.3 alpha, for 90 minutes
2 oz. Cascade, 6.7 alpha, for last 60 minutes
1 oz. Cascade, 6.7 alpha, at end of boil.

Yeast: 1098 British Ale, with a starter.

Mash time: 60 minutes

Boil time: 90 minutes

OG Mash: 1.050

OG: 1.097

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