Wheat Wines of La Quebrada Brewing

Wheat wine is a rather ill-defined beer style. The tendency at La Quebrada brewing is to a malty, full bodied, light colored brew, well suited for those times when one beer is all you want. Alcohol levels are comparable to the low end of the wine scales, on the order of 10%. It is possible to brew with either extract of all-grain. Typically, half the malt is from wheat, and half from barley. Winter wheat results is a lighter color beer. When brewing from grain, a second, lower gravity, wheat beer can be made from the second runnings of the mash. However, care should be taken to assure that the sparge temperature does not get too high, and leach tannins from the grain bed, as this will cause astringency in the final product.

The Original (Batch #119)
Second Try (Batch #128)
Third Try (Batch #145)
Wheat Whine (Batch #174)
Buy Centennial Ale (Batch #200)
Wheat Wine '99 (Batch #200)
Wheat Wine 2000 (Batch #223)
Wheat Wine 2001 (Batch #235)
Latest Version (Batch #309)

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