Wheat Wine, Second Batch

Batch number: #128

Beer Name: We Eat Wine Too

Brewed: 5/31/93

Batch size: 10 gallons of wheat wine, 10 gallons of wheat beer

Brewers: Harry and Barry

Mash malts:

22 lb. Great Western Pale Malt
21 lb. Winter Wheat
24 lb. Briese Malted Wheat
2.5 lb. Light crystal malt
1 lb. 40L briese crystal malt, finely crushed

Yeast: From batch #131 (1098 British ale)


First runnings (Wheat wine)
3 oz. Centennial, 60 minutes
2 oz. Cascade, last 30 minutes
1 oz. Cascade, End of boil
Second runnings (Wheat beer)
2.5 oz Hallertau, 60 minutes
1 oz. Halltertau, 30 minutes
1 oz. Halltertau, End of boil

Mash: Starting temp was 165F, dropped to 152

Preboil: 2 hours before first hop addition.

Boil: 1 hour after first hop addition


Wheat wine: 1.097
Wheat beer: 1.040

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First runnings are used for wheat wine, seconds for wheat beer. The pre-boil time only applies for

the wheat wine.