Third Try Wheat Wine

Batch Number: #145

Beer Name: Wheat wine, etc

Brewed: 7/24/94

Batch size: 10 gallons wheat wine, 10 gallons wheat beer

Brewers: Harry and Barry


31 lb. Winter wheat malt
20 lb. Pale malt
5 lb. 70/80 Crystal malt, added after first sparge for wheat beer

Yeast: From Murphy's Creek Brewery


Wheat wine
3 oz. Centennial for 90 minutes
2 oz. Cascade, last 60 minutes
1 oz. Cascade, End of boil
Wheat beer
2.5 oz. Halltertau for 60 minutes
1 oz. Halltertau, last 25 minutes
1 oz. Halltertau, end of boil

Mash: Temperature was 160 F

Pre-boil: wheat wine for 90 minutes before first hop addition.

Boil: wheat wine: 90 minutes after first hop addition.

Boil: wheat beer: 60 minutes.


Wheat wine: 1.100
Wheat beer: 1.040

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