My Summer Vacation





So you want to see a real beer garden, where the experienced tourist gets the good stuff.  Well this is the place, rain or shine.  In fact, I can promise you will shine after a couple of liters of the dopplebock.  Shine, or fall on your face.


You can never be to careful, just keep pushing the bad breath into the machine.

A visitor from Darlington, an alleged city from the north of England, was also visiting.  Here, he escapes that rowdy bunch, and confers with the women folk.

Bet you don't see this on the front of any travel brochures.


A beer the size of your head!  A head the size of your beer!  Take your pick.

A test of strength, and the glasses are almost empty.

Now, this is the right way to do it, but you better plan on sharing.

Yes, it rains.  But being from England, I guess they are used to it.

Giant umbrellas protect us from the elements. But not the beer.

Ian really likes this machine, maybe there's a prize for the most hot air?

We bid you a fond farewell, as we head to Dusseldorf.