My Summer Vacation




Brendan's Birthday Bash

The crowd gathers early, to get a good seat.


We're just getting warmed up now.

Beerica, Beerica, Beerica... Yea, we know.

Congratulations on another year older.

An now for something completely different, as Benny is inducted into the "Order of Pleck".

These Malts have wandered a long way from San Fracisco.

...And over here there's this special grain grown only in the backyards of ex-mayors, and other Gadbouts...

On the Left, Order of Pleck, on the Right, some order.

Wine is all that is left to drink, because a certain Bob did not share the Duvel.  Bastard.  But at least it's red wine today.

Caped Crusader, my arse.

A true Flanders afficianado.  And a very unusual fashion statement to boot.

Two boys from Flanders?  I think I'll wait for the movie.

Well, it's late, and time to move on.  How about some cider.