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Microbrouwerij Achilles

November 2, 2000

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"Made by an Angel"

The more common name for very small breweries is Home Brewery, or House Brewery.   In this case, these would be literal terms, at the brewery is in the brewers house.   Joules set up the visit, I gather that he is a regular.  The brewery itself is quite amazing, highly automated, very clean, and very small.  The brew size is 500 liters, and he brews twice a month.  All the beers are made with an English   yeast, bottle conditioned, and aged at least three weeks.  Additional aging of 5 months is recommeneded.

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At the entrance to the brewery is a small tasting room, where we made ourselves at home, with the brewer, Achilles, and his wife.  This was one of the truly magical moments of our trip, and it's hard to imagine enjoying ourselves any more than this. achilles_group.jpg (20867 bytes)
After sampling his regular beers, Achilles brought out a few bottles of an experimental trippel he had brewed.  Some of the bottles were over-carbonated, so he chose not to market the beer.  We had some fun with it, creating a game to see who could pour the most of these beers without spilling.   Admittedly, it did get a bit more challenging as the evening wore on. achilles_harry_kim.jpg (26887 bytes)
Serafijn is an angel that makes music.  This seems appropriate as the brewer and his wife teach music for their day jobs.  Note that the angel has one foot on the ground, in contrast with virtually all other angels, which do not show their feet.  Could this mean that Serafijn will lift you from the ground to heaven?

Serafijn Blonde 6.2%, unfiltered, bottle conditioned, honey, coriander, and some residual sugar to keep it soft.

Kerstlicht (Christmas Lights) 7%, amber, soft, perhaps the opposite of duvel?

Donker, 8%, Dark copper, also very soft.  Too young today, needs about 6 months in the bottle.

Achilles generously gifted us with two bottles of the Christmas beer to take home with us.  They are currently sitting in my cellar where they may attain the proper drinking age, maybe six months, depending on my patience.

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