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The Mad Brewer

Brouwerij Angerik

November 4, 2000

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"Home Brew Rules"

Yet another "House Brewery", located in Zelik.  Actually, I'll take their word for this, as it's not the easiest place to find.  Meche arranged the trip, and drove us as well, many thanks to her for setting up such a great time.

Also, thanks to Mario for serving as our interpreter for the visit.

Boerke means peasant farmer, so maybe they view themselves as peasant brewers, or brewers for peasants.  In any case, they have two very nice beers:

Boerke Amber, 6.5%, very nice hop character.



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The brewers seemed to have taken a liking to Chris. Or, maybe it's the jenever, a traditional flavored gin.  They had two styles, a young and an old.  The old is aged for 6 months in a port cask, and had some of the character of a scotch, but not at all the same.  They don't actually distill on the site, but the jenever is contract brewed to their specifications. angeric_kiss.jpg (16793 bytes)
The brew size is 1000 liters, and they brew about 20 times per year.  All this is done on weekends and evenings, as the operation is really a hobby out of control. angeric_group.jpg (19348 bytes)
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