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Cantillon Part 1

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Cantillon, Part 1
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November 6, 1998

On our way to Antwerp, Paul made a "short" stop at Cantillon.   Wel will go there tomorrow for the first brew of the season, but Paul will not, as he needs to go home and get some sleep.

Jean Pierre gave us a short tour, but he was very busy getting ready for the brew tomorrow.  It seems his hot water tank has chosen an inopportune momement to go on the fritz.

He introduced us to his son, Jean Paul, who also works in the brewery, as does Jean Pierre's wife, which makes it a Van Roy family enterprise.

He poured us two beers, the gueze and the Kriek.  The gueze is very sour, and most complex.  The Kriek is not as sharp, a bright red color, with an irridescent head.    I told Jean Pierre his beers are the best.  I'm sure Paul agrees, as does the Mad Brewer's Wife.

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The label banned in America

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Signed by Jean Paul