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Farewell America
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October 28, 1998

Our trip begins today with a ride to the airport (SFO) courtesty of Ken. What a guy.  [Don't tell him that or it will go to his head! And he needs everything already in it. - MBW] His only wish is that Brendan learn hypnosis, but we won't reveal why. 

The customary long (very, very long) line for check in was absent today, a sign of things to come, no doubt.  First stop, "The Barbary Coast", for a tall Anchor steam to hold us over for the next 12 days.  At $5.25/20 oz. it may very well be the most expensive beer of the trip (I hope).

Brendan's directions to the Hotel and IJ Brewery look right on, we'll see how our adventure in "Tramming" turns out.

BTW, Ken was very impressed with Kim's packing job, very efficient.   She says it was so there would be room for all the Belgian chocolates.

The exchange rate looks IK, about 1.87 per dollar for Guilders, and 33 BFr for a buck.  The rate at the SFO aiport adds about 10%.  Maybe AMS will be better, but I doubt it.

As usual, the plane is late taking off, so much for good omens.  We are flying United, and they do a very good job overall.  Not to mention, lots of free drinks.  The wine is a little wimpy, but if you like blended scotch, I'm sure you will survive just fine.  Don't even think about ordering a beer though.

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