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Tres Fountanous

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Tres Fountanous
Somewhere in Beersel


November 5, 1998

Our first stop in Beersel was Tres Fountanous, or "Three Fountains" to the linguistically challenged.  We parked our parched pallettes in the cafe, and ordered up some of the gueze that they blend here.  Paul decided that he had better get us checked in to the Centrum before it got too late, so off he went.   And who does he run into at the Centrum, but those same Americans that were in the Curiosa in Brugges.  It seems they were having some problems checking into the hotel, as no English is spoken there.  So Paul jumped in a helped them out.  So they joined our merry band of trekkers for the evening.

So along with Jeff, Chris, Dave and Art, we got the first class tour.  Anton showed us the soon to be brewery first, followed by the cellaring facilities.  They currently blend and bottle lamic and gueze produced by other breweries.  Production is very small, something like 4000 Hl/year I think.

The Gueze is very good, dry and sharp, and compares very well to other well made lambics.

Also the food in the cafe is excellent, and is not to be missed.  However, keep in mind that this is not a late night place, closing at 7 or 8 PM.  With this in mind, we wandered down the street to a small pub after dinner.

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Anton, the proprieter

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These would look good in Paul's basement

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The beer is aged in these casks

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A Wall of Gueze

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Ask Paul about this one, he took the picture.