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Somewhere in Beersel

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San Francisco


Tres Fountanous
Somewhere in Beersel


November 5, 1998

OK, so I don't always keep track of the name of the pub I'm in.  At least I know what town it is.  Anyway, this place is just up the streen from Tres Fountanous, which also makes it close to the Centrum.  The reason we stopped here is that they serve (and possibly blend) Hansens.  We tried the Kriek, it was only slightly sour, very strange, sweetness as well.

Fortunately, they have a very good range of bottled beers.  In fact, I recall seeing a lot of scotch ale pass by, and some of it might actually of been consumed by yours truly.

I also consumed a fair number of Orvals.  Very hoppy, with a dry hop kind of nose.   It has some of the same character as the Sierra Nevada Ales, although you won't mistake one for the other.  6.2%

Anyway, we stayed here and drank lots of beer and ate some nice bar snacks, and had a great time with our new friends.  According to the guide books, the place should have closed about 10 PM.  As we were the only people in the place, we felt somewhat guilty about them staying open for us.  That was, until about 1:30 AM, when several other people started wandering in.

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Paul and his new friend, Art

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Paul has had a rough night!