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November 2, 1998

After another long night of reveling at the Heikant Festival, it was time to move on.  This time however, we were up with the sun (OK, up in the AM anyway), because we had to check out of the hotel by 11.  I wonder what breakfast is like here?  Guess we will never find out.  So we headed across the street to the station, to catch the noon train to Leuven.  But since this is Belgium, of course there is a pub in the station.  We tested out the Gueze from St. Louis brewery, and it was an amazingly good breakfast drink.  However, I don't recommend that you try it, but more on that later.

The rest of our beer trekkers picked up the train a short way out of Heikant, and off we went.  Leuven seems to be a very nice place, but our first impression was the the entire city was under construction.  The worst part is that most of it was going on right in front of our hotel, and will continue to do so for a couple of years.

Fortunately Brendan knows the way to the Domus Brewery (and just about everywhere else worth visiting).  Best pun beer name of the day: Con Domus.

Con Domus: 50 cl, 75 Bfr, 5%

Breweed with green hops, unfiltered.  Taste and finish are of green hops, but no aroam.  Grapefruit flavor, plenty bitter.

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Domus Brewery Sign
Mostly a pub and restaurant, but there is a brewery in there somewhere.