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Cafe Resto



November 2, 1998

A rather sedate place, which is very welcome after a long day.  The wall coverings are a mixture of sewing machines, and pictures, serving trays, etc.   The gregorian chant music is limited to the entryway, which is way to cold to hang out in.

St. Louis Kriek
Having started the day with a great Gueze by the same brewery, I figured why not finish it with the Kriek.  Well, let me tell you why not.  In the words of Tim Webb, "A nice fruity drink that avoids tasting like beer".  Too sweet, cherry extract, all that is good about this beer is the aroma.

So we hurriedly stumbled and staggerd back to the hotel, because the lobby closes as 2 AM, and then we would become street people.  Way to cold for that.  We made it with at least 5 minutes to spare.

The morning, however, came way to early once again, as construction began at 7 AM.   Is that pounding my head or the pyle driver?

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