The Mad Brewer Explores the Low Countries

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San Francisco

The Blue Cat
Cafe Resto



November 2, 1998

This, as you might gather from the name, is a student hangout at the university.  But if you think this might mean cheap, boring beer for the masses of college age kids, all I can say is that there is not bud served here.

Rodenback Alexander: 33 cl, 100 BFr, 6%.
Slightly sweet, but source enobugh to be refeshing.  Cherry comes through in the aroma.

Westvleteren Trappist 12, 33 cl, 110 Bfr, 11%.
The most authentic of all the Trappist Ales, brewed by Sixtus, and definitely the most difficult to find, as it is only sold at the monastary, and sales are limited to 10 cases per customer.  Big, brown, malty, some astringency.  This beer has no label, all of the information is on the cap.

Chimay 8 Tripel: 33 cl, 80 Bfr, 8%
Earthy aroma, spicy flavor.  Highly carbonated.

This is a big barn-like place, with some of the most annoying canned music in recent memory.  Best to ignore the 70 era bubblegum, and stick to the beer.

leuven_brainwash.jpg (46453 bytes)
Statue of the "Brain Washer"
Personally, I think I would prefer this way over drinking Bud, but the results are basically the same.