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Return of the Beer Crusaders

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Return of the Beer Crusaders



November 9, 1998

Today we head back to the good ol' US of A, but not without a stop at Heathrow.  And lest you think the mad brewer is obsessed with beer (he is), you should see him shop for a good single malt.  My favorite is Glendullan, which is getting more difficult to find, as the distillery has been silent for a number of years.   Anyway, after sticking my nose in every corner of every shop, there it was, a bottle of the 21 year old cask strength Glendullan, and now it is mine!

There is some real ale in Heathrow aside from Tap and Spile, but T&S definitely has the best selection.  And here's an important travellers tip for you: After you spend every blessed pence you own, you can still drink in the pubs in Heathrow, because they accept plastic.  These Brits are so civilized.

Ken was kind enough to pick us up at the airport, so we decided that we had better head to the Shark and Rose for dinner.  It was a real good idea, but by 9 PM, awake for 24 hours, we started to fade out, as does this recount of our trip.

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The Mad Brewer slowly fades to the west