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Cantillon Part 2

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Cantillon, Part 1
Cantillon, Part 2


November 7, 1998

Took the train to Brussels to check out the Cantillon Brew day.   They served all the beers, some from bottles, some directly fron the cask.

We shared a table (old cask) with a group of three, who attend all the brew-ins, and sit at this particular table.  They (with a little help from the beer trekkers) drank mostly gueze.  Lots of gueze.

We also tried the Kriek, which was served from the cask, and the Iris, which is essentially a gueze made from all malt.

On the tour we met a brewer, Mike, from the former Norwester brewery, who is now living in Brussels.

Jean Pierre signed a poster of the Rose de Gambrinus label.  The text is in French, so we will need to get an exact translation, however, he alludes to the label being a picture of Bill and Monica, and the cigar.

Jean Paul also signed a poster of the Kriek label for us, roughly translated as "your friend".


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Shoveling the mash tun is hot work

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We're getty artsy now.

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Where's the beer when you need it?

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The Brew Kettle

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BBelt driven mill

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Our new drinking buddies