The Mad Brewer Explores the Low Countries
Bios: The Unknow Tavern

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San Francisco

Brewery Van Steenberge
The unknown tavern


November 5, 1998

We stopped in a local pub on the way out of town, maybe because Paul was thirsty, who knows.  Everyone was very friendly, and wanted to talk to the crazy Americans.

A few beers later, one of the locals got out his harmonica and started to play.  This was no ordinary harmonica, it was like no other I have seen before.  It was like 6 harmonicas, all jumbled together as one.  Needless to say, his musical talents were quite a hit, with both Americans and Belgians.

Kim gave the harmonica a try, but became convinced that it was a lot harder than it looked to produce a tune on this gizmo.

All too soon it was time to hit the road again, because we definitely did not want to miss our next stop, Tres Fountanous in Beersel.

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Bios Beer Drinking Buddies
The Mad Brewer is not the only nut case in the pub.

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Harmonica Man
One of the locals plays his 6 sided harmonica for us.

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Harmonica Woman
Kim thinks she can play it too.