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March 16, 1999

Man, this place is out in the sticks!  But it's beautiful, inside and out.

They didn't let us into the warehouse, but we went everywhere else.

glenfarclas_duty_free.jpg (26933 bytes)
They call the fermenting vessels "washbacks", Lord knows why.  Anyway, they are pretty big, this is what they look like when emtpy glenfarclas_empty_washback_2.jpg (28300 bytes)
This is a full washback, normally they are covered. glenfarclas_full_washback_2.jpg (13770 bytes)
This is the gift shop, lots of cool trinkets, we picked up some bar towels.

They charge a small fee for the tour, but it includes a dram at the end.

glenfarclas_gift_shop.jpg (34483 bytes)
The control center, these places are pretty high tech. glenfarclas_control_room.jpg (23739 bytes)
A model still in the gift shop glenfarclas_gift_shop_still.jpg (24116 bytes)
Our tour guide, and Kim and Harry by the malt bin. glenfarclas_grain_hopper.jpg (18593 bytes)
Harry plays 20 questions, which our tourguide is happy to answer, because we are the only people in the place, let alone on the tour. glenfarclas_kim_harry_tourguide.jpg (21487 bytes)
Why do they have to de-stone the malt, all they would need to do is not smoke it in the first place... glenfarclas_malt_destoner.jpg (20969 bytes)
The mash tun is huge. glenfarclas_mash_tun.jpg (25104 bytes)
More destoning, I think. glenfarclas_mill_2.jpg (19346 bytes)
Ken would like to take one of these home, preferably full, but not for very long. glenfarclas_old_barrels_ken.jpg (14420 bytes)
The gift shop from the outside.

They have an awesome tasting room here, but no pictures.  Its the smoking room from an old cruise ship, all wood, very ornate.

glenfarclas_pagoda_2.jpg (16105 bytes)
The dislillery from afar. glenfarclas_panorama_3.jpg (20025 bytes)
Ken plays tourist glenfarclas_sign_ken_2.jpg (16040 bytes)
Kim and Harry's turn glenfarclas_sign_kim_harry.jpg (22340 bytes)
This is the spirit safe, is this cool or what?   The distiller turns the knobs at stategic points in the dislilling process to seperate the feints and the low wines from the good stuff.  It flows through here like a river. glenfarclas_spirit_safe.jpg (19345 bytes)
All the stills have the same shape, but each distillery has their own style. glenfarclas_still_2.jpg (40238 bytes)
Kim and the still. glenfarclas_still_kim.jpg (20904 bytes)
They've got lots of stills. glenfarclas_still_room.jpg (17920 bytes)
Here's a couple more. glenfarclas_stills_3.jpg (41483 bytes)
Our tour guide, hard at work. glenfarclas_tour_guide_2.jpg (36060 bytes)
Gathering around the washbacks.  They run about 10 feet below the floor. glenfarclas_tun_room_2.jpg (22879 bytes)
The tun room contains lots of washbacks. glenfarclas_tun_room_3.jpg (25887 bytes)
Those pesky warehouses, full of the good stuff, that we don't get to see. glenfarclas_warehouse.jpg (25954 bytes)
Another warehouse. glenfarclas_warehouse_3.jpg (20680 bytes)
The lids to the washbacks are wooden, but the washbacks themselves are steel. glenfarclas_washback_closed.jpg (17298 bytes)
Kim takes a peek under the hood. glenfarclas_washback_lid.jpg (15031 bytes)

glenfarclas_panorama_640.jpg (26776 bytes)