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March 15 and 18, 1999


We stopped for a pint or two on our way to Inverness, as well as for a short stop on the way back.  A jaunt down Rose street to stretch the legs, and wag the toung.

edinburgh_building.jpg (33597 bytes)

Cafe Royal

It's right next to the Guildford Arms, but not as nice inside.  Still, it's worth a visit, and was very quiet when we stopped by after the lunch hour was over.

Deuchers IPA: Gold amber, good mouthfeel and finish.

edinburgh_cafe_royal_bar.jpg (18805 bytes)

Edinburgh Castle

It's still there, up on top of the hill across the valley where Waverly station resides.

edinburgh_castle.jpg (16743 bytes)
It's a good walk up the hill, so we chose to stay on Rose street, and check out the pubs.  There must be 10 of them in the short area we walked around. edinburgh_castle_1.jpg (23626 bytes)
We spent a lot of time on the trains, especially on the main lines.  The electrified route goes from London to Edinburgh, but there are conventional trains the rest of the way to Inverness, which are actually much more comfortable. train_harry_kim_3.jpg (13965 bytes)
More shots of the Castle. edinburgh_castle_2.jpg (20545 bytes)

Filthy Mc Nasty's

Great name for a pub, huh?  Really wants to make you check it out.  Not me.

edinburgh_filthy_mcnastys.jpg (17533 bytes)

Guildford Arms

Pictures cannot do this place justice, you have to see it for yourself.  Just across the street from the train station, up the steps.

edinburgh_guildford_arms_door.jpg (19415 bytes)
Waverly 70/- (Harvestown), some roasted flavor, light, malty, bitter finish.

SOB (Border Brewery) Out.


edinburgh_guildford_arms_ken_harry.jpg (47993 bytes)
Orkney Dark Island: Roasted aroma and flavor, very dark and malty, long lingering finish. edinburgh_guildford_arms_kim_harry.jpg (50211 bytes)
Pendragon Strong Ale, 5%, 2.10, Big malt flavor, bitter finish, very nice. edinburgh_guildford_arms_kim_harry_2.jpg (18821 bytes)
Last Drop Bitter, York Brewery: Bitter finish, malt and roast flavor. edinburgh_guildford_arms_kim_harry_ken.jpg (18492 bytes)

Standing Order

Another Weatherspoons pub, this one on Rose Street.  It's in an old Bank of Scotland building, very large, and ornate.  This is a shot of the main room and bar.

edinburgh_standing_order_main_room.jpg (34901 bytes)
This is the library room, which is non smoking, which makes it a great place to grab a bite for lunch.  The Spitfire at 99p makes it a great deal as well.

Calendonia 80/-: Fruity, light body, refreshing dry finish.

edinburgh_standing_order_nonsmoking_room.jpg (33282 bytes)
Princess street, between the railway station and Rose street. edinburgh_street.jpg (24345 bytes)
The long train ride to Inverness required a few drams, which Ken kindly provided.  The scenery is amazing, even in Winter time.   There's lots of snow, deer, sheep, rivers, raging water, and heather. train_ken.jpg (13349 bytes)