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March 16, 1999

Another fantastic tour, which is free!  And it includes a pretty decent dram.

glenfiddich_sign_2.jpg (22168 bytes)
The mash tun

Glenfiddich is part of the same group that owns Balvenie.

glenfiddich_mash_tun.jpg (18619 bytes)
The spirit safe.

Look closely, and you can seen the spirit running.

glenfiddich_spirit_safe.jpg (28778 bytes)
The visitor center

They blend 9 casks aged in used bourbon casks to one aged in an old sherry cask. This may be why there is so little color.

glenfiddich_building_2.jpg (28354 bytes)
The visitor center is first class. glenfiddich_buildings.jpg (19947 bytes)
Even the views of the surrounding country side are nice. glenfiddich_field.jpg (14626 bytes)
A full washback.  The unhopped beer starts at about 1.056, and ferements down to about 1.000 or lower, resulting in about 7.5% alcohol, and damn little residual sugar. glenfiddich_full_washback.jpg (17817 bytes)
A nice sign glenfiddich_sign.jpg (26156 bytes)
The stills are short and squat.

The time it takes to mash, and do three runnings is 6 hours.

O.G: 1.054
F.G.: 0.998 after 64 hours

Initial cask strength is 63%, which reduces to 60% after 8 to 12 years.  The rest is the "Angels Share".

glenfiddich_still_2.jpg (45776 bytes)
But they have a bunch of them glenfiddich_still_room_3.jpg (35131 bytes)
More stills. glenfiddich_still_room_5.jpg (25528 bytes)
If you look closely, you can see there are two different types of stills, one for the first pass, and a second still for the second pass. glenfiddich_still_room_6.jpg (20547 bytes)
Stills everywhere. glenfiddich_stills.jpg (23528 bytes)
The tasting room glenfiddich_tasting_room.jpg (27155 bytes)
Our tour guide. glenfiddich_tour_guide.jpg (30936 bytes)
The washbacks are all wood!


glenfiddich_washback.jpg (24563 bytes)
They are filling up this washback. glenfiddich_washback_filling_2.jpg (16051 bytes)
Washback #9 glenfiddich_washback_logo.jpg (43300 bytes)
and 10


Below, a close up of the spirit safe in action.  The left side is getting the middle cut, the right side is the low wines, which get recycled into the next batch.

glenfiddich_washback_number_10.jpg (17250 bytes)

glenfiddich_spirit_safe_on_off_640.jpg (35012 bytes)