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March 20, 1999

Castle Eden Brewery

Fons gets some beer to go.

castle_eden_benny_fons.jpg (16360 bytes)
This is one of the open fermenters, empty of course.  The metal place suspended in the middle is very important, but I don't remeber why.  All I can say, is don't try this at home, leave it to the professionals. castle_eden_empty_fermenter.jpg (16101 bytes)
A friend of the brewery, with the obligatory pulling the pint pose.  Sorry about that. castle_eden_friend.jpg (27133 bytes)
Gill got a work out filling pints, as most of us were too lazy to go all that way behind the bar to get a beer. 

We tried several cask ales, including the Chinese Beer.

castle_eden_gill_2.jpg (20162 bytes)
Another perfect pint. castle_eden_gill_polle.jpg (25513 bytes)
Now here's a guy with the proper motivation: an empty glass.  In case you haven't guessed, this is the tasking room at Castle eden.   Its the lower floor of what used to be the managers house, and is quite well done. castle_eden_harry.jpg (20323 bytes)
Jim served us some experimental beers as well, using different types of hops for the Castle Eden Ale, I believe. castle_eden_harry_3.jpg (42126 bytes)
I'm starting to look fuzzy, it must have been those 4 casks of ale we just finished off. castle_eden_harry_polle.jpg (23520 bytes)
Jim gave us the full tour, including pouring a few himself.  Thanks for the great tour, Jim. castle_eden_jim.jpg (34464 bytes)
It's a tough job, but he's used to it. castle_eden_jim_2.jpg (28301 bytes)
These must be the before and after pictures, because Jim gets distinctively redder over time. castle_eden_jim_gill_1.jpg (31838 bytes)
Nah, he's just blushing for the camera. castle_eden_jim_gill_2.jpg (28265 bytes)
This is a Real open fermenter, full of the good stuff, and nice and frothy. castle_eden_open_fermenter_2.jpg (16646 bytes)
Polle pulls pint. castle_eden_polle_2.jpg (23801 bytes)
Steve is going to have to wait a while for the head to subside on this one. castle_eden_steve_harry.jpg (20665 bytes)

castle_eden_steve_harry_polle_benny_fons_chris_640.jpg (35059 bytes)