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March 14 1999
The Music Maker

Our host, Sue, working the squeeze box.  Nice shirt.

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March 13, 1999
Number 22

A couple of hours on the train from London, and we're in Darlington.  Of course, the first stop is at the world famous "Number 22". They have 9 cask ales, and lined glasses, and a crowd to match.

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White Boar, by the "Village Brewer" is one of my favorite beers.  Refreshing, great bitter flavor, some grapefruit notes, all for a measly 1.66

The Landlord (Timothy Taylors) is light amber, suprisingly malty, well balanced, bigger than I rememer.

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March 13, 1999
The Britannia

We've all assembled at the "Brit" for a couple of more pints before bedtime.   It rules the world, you know.

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We made some other stops, but there isn't room to describe them all.


Sue and Isabella at the Brit


darlington_brit_sue_isabella.jpg (12262 bytes)
Tap and Spile is still going strong, but is closing down soon for remodeling.  There were 7 Real Ales, we tried a few: Sue, Isabella, and Martin at the Brit.   Cameron Strongarm is the beer of the house.  The dark copper color is a preview to a very malty brew.  But not very filling, so we all had a couple more... darlington_brit_sue_isabella_martin.jpg (19075 bytes)
Tap and Spile Premium, 4.3%, 1.48, too malty for me, but Kim likes it

Harriestown Ptarmigan, 4.5%, 1.73, Nice bitter finish, but not overdone.

Hey, I've seen these people someplace else before. darlington_brit_sue_isabella_martin_2.jpg (14845 bytes)
Big Lamp Bitter, 1.37, Not bad for the cheap stuff


Filibuster and Firkin

Filibuster: 1.60, Winey aroma, mild flavor and finish.

Vane Terrace

Our B&B during the festival is on Vane Terrace, this is a shot looking toward the Art Center, but you can't see it from here.

darlington_vane_terrace_1.jpg (24756 bytes)
Clockwork Ale: Tastes like Barley and Hops Breakfast Toasted Ale, not as strong, but strong enough, and pretty interesting. Our B&B on Vane Terrace, just a short stagger from the festival. darlington_vane_terrace_2.jpg (31296 bytes)