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Real Festival

Get me to the Minster on time

Farewell to Real Ale

For four days in March, you can drink the best Real Ale in Darlington at the Arts Center.

Here Benny and Fons try to put down their share.

festival_benny_fons.jpg (18304 bytes)
Hmm, well the price is right, anyway. festival_benny_free.jpg (29242 bytes)
Benny and Polle try out the latest in bunnyware. festival_benny_polle_ears.jpg (22529 bytes)
Hey, here's Bob and his girlfriend.  Oops, I forgot her name, now I'm in big trouble,  could somebody help me out here?  At last, all the facts are in and it can now be known that this is a picture of the lovely DIANE (and Bob too, but the lovely might be stretching it a bit). festival_bob_wife.jpg (18008 bytes)
Brendan is way too happy, it certainly wasn't any of my jokes. festival_brendan.jpg (30979 bytes)
Yea, go ahead, ham it up Bren.  festival_brendan_gill.jpg (21611 bytes)
Now thats more like it guys, grab a Real Ale. festival_brendan_martin.jpg (26995 bytes)
Hey, this is the wrong festival!  Well, they have Real Ale in Leeds too, in case you wondered. festival_casks.jpg (18665 bytes)
Note the family resemblance from the red in those cheeks. festival_daugher_mother.jpg (23331 bytes)
That glass couldn't possibly be emtpy. festival_fons__benny.jpg (16960 bytes)
Fons, Chris, Benny, Brendan, and Polle are running the Belgium beer bar.  They were definitely their own best customers. festival_fons_chris_benny_brendan_polle.jpg (21859 bytes)