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24 Hour Beer Festival Part 2

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De Grote Witte Arend
24 Hour Beer Festival, Part 1
24 Hour Beer Festival, Part 2
Back to Amsterdam, Shit Happens

November 8, 1998

One last visit to the festival before we bid Antwerp farewell.  We ran into Dave and Art slurping up all the suds they missed last night.  Some of the beers we sampled at the festival:

3 Fonteinen Kriek, 5.2%
Nice dry thirst quencher after sweet trippels.

Augustijn Grand Cru, 9%
Reasonably dry trippel style, very light color.

Gouden Carolus (Het Anker), 7.5%
Too sweet, stressed yeast affects, ester flavor, banana?

K.I.H.O Amber, 6.5%
Made by stuedents at the local brewing school, boy do they have a lot to learn.

Oerbier (De Dolle Brouwers) 8%
Sweet and strong.

Orval, 6.2%
Lots of hops, dry finish, a world classic.

Pere Noel (De Ranke) 7%
Bitter Christmas Ale.

Saison Del Silly (Br. De Silly) 5%
Very drinkable.

't Smisje Dubbel (De Regenboog) 9%, Good bitter brown.

Ter Dolen Abdijbier Tripel (De Dool) 8.1%, Peppermint flavor, too sweet.

Tripel Karmeliet (Bosteels) 8%
Dry, very clear, some sour, very good.


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Festival Program Cover

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24 Hour Festival Coaster

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A toast to new friends, Dave and Art.