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November 8, 1998

From the 24 hour festival in Antwerp, we went directly to the station, and caught the next train to Amsterdam.  It's a couple of hour ride, so we relaxed.   About half way there, Kim noticed that her fanny pack had been stolen, bummer.   The nastiest part is that it contained one of our credit cards.  So aside from the usual things that needed to be done when we arrived in Amsterdam, the credit card had to be cancelled as well.

Sometimes a mishap of this nature can ruin the entire trip.  But we were determined to not let this happen, and with a little help from the desk clerk at the Hotel Acro, and our buddy Ken, we managed to get the card cancelled before the purps could run up a bill.   Hey, shit happens, and sometimes you've got to roll over it to get to the good stuff.  On to the Jester.

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The eye brewery and bar in Amsterdam