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The Mad Brewer Explores the Low Countries
Heikant Beer Festival Day 1

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October 31, 1998

On our way back to Heikant from Huisbrouwerij, in Diest, it was necessary to stop for some bodily refreshment, not to mention beer.  And of course we visited Paul's home to meet his family.  They gather on Saturday evenings at their mother's house to drink Orval, and from the looks of the picture at the right, a few other tantalizing beverages.

By the way, this is where Kim acquired one of here most cherished posessions, a cap lifter that doesn't destroy the caps.  If you wonder why this is so important, well, you obviously have not had the pleasure of meeting her, and you'll just have to wait until then to find out.  You can see it in the hands of one of it's former owners in the first picture, at the lower right hand corner.

Eventually we sauntered/staggered off the festival, just a short walk down the street to the Zall Familia.  We arrived what an uninformed American might consider to be fashionably late, at 11 PM, but could not get seated until midnight, because it was standing room only.  Fortunately somebody took pity on us poor souls, and served us beer, Belgian style.

Satan Red, 33cl, 60 Bfr, 8%, very deceiving, but not very interesting.

Cuvee de Noel, St. Feuillier, 9%, 360 Bfr, 1.5 Liter.  Biere d Abbaye Abdijbier.  Red, dry, lightly spiced.

Fantome de Noel, Biere Artisanale Belge, 8%, .75 Liter, 200 Bfr.   Sour, but drinkable, dark, with a malty aroma.

3 Fonteine Gueze, 750 ml.  Cloudy Yellow Ale, Belgian Style.   Austere dry, but not biting.  Horsey aromas.  Wow!

Caracole Bruin.  big brown, malty, what else does Kim need?

Cantillon Kriek.  Dry as it gets, a world classic.

Rodenback Grand Cru.  Yum, great with Kass.

Catjes Kriek, 750 ml, 200 Bfr, aged 10 years.  Very mild Kriek.   Oxidized, winey and old, basically crap.

There were a number of other beers that we sampled, but managed to not take notes on them, as we were busy doing other things (see the pictures below to get an idea).   Eventually we left, and were driven back to the hotel in Lier in time to see sun rise.

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A short visit with Paul's family

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Only a few more Orval's to go, and we're out of here...

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Nice shirt, Paul.

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This is how we drank in the olden daze of yore.

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Aww, any drunken fool can do that...

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It's all downhill from here.

PIC00022.jpg (19537 bytes)
Got that Boogie Fever.

PIC00023.jpg (17307 bytes)
Born to be Wild.