The Mad Brewer Explores the Low Countries

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October 31, 1998

In the small town of Diest, about 50 kimometers from Lier, you may find a very nice pub and brewery, Huisbrouwerij.  But don't take your MasterCard, and most importantly, don't try to go there Sunday through Friday.  You can't, they are not open.  But go there you must.

Although the brewery is small, with a miniscule production output, it is very high tech.   They are limited to 4 aging tanks, about 5 barrels apiece.  The beer is typically lagered for 6 weeks.  They brew on Saturday, every few weeks.

The taproom is in front of the brewery, and is the only place you can get their beer.   Needless to say, it is subject to limited availability.

The light beer (didn't get the name) is a little cloudy, somewhat clovy, but not particularly bitter.

The dark ale, Duysters, alleged to be contract brewed, is quite nice, a string bitter style?  Who knows, but I liked it a lot, served in a bottle, but not bottle conditioned.

By the time we left the brewery, it was getting late, and we were hungry, so Polle took us to a very nice restaurant.  However, it took forever to get our food (which was beyond awsome), so in the meantime we managed to put down a couple of brews.  Later I found out that the delay was caused by the Chef, who went to visit his son.  Hey, got to have your priorities. And mine are to go to the beer festival in Heikant...

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The Gang's all here

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Paul sniffs out a brew

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More Beer! Bigger Glasses!

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Meantime, back in the brewery...

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So this is where they all went!

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Enie, Meenie, and Miney

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These two fill up a bar in a hurry.