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t' Brugges Beertje Part 1

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November 3, 1998

Paul caught up with us later in the day, and wanted to arrange for a tour of the Gouden Boom brewery while we were in town.  The proprieter at the hotel suggested we tal to Sue at t' Brugges Beertje, so off we went.  The tour didn't work out, as they only do them for groups of 15 people.  But we could always drown our sorrows in a few beers (out of the hundreds they stock) in this place.  We could not linger long, as we had to dash off for our dinner reservations.

Hommelbier: 7%
Bottle conditioned yellow ale, with plenty of bitterness, dry finish.

Moinette Bruin: 8.5%, 260 BFr
Unfiltered Abbeye de Moinette.  Light body, well made, no astringency.

Witkap Stimulo
A very nice tripple, so says Kim.

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A product of Gouden Boom