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Taverne Curiosa

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Taverne Curiosa



November 4, 1998

It took a while, and a beer or two, to find our way back to "civilization" after the trek to De Scharr.  And make no mistake about it, Curiosa is a most civilized establishment.  The ambiance is strictly brick, floor and ceiling, as the restaurant is a celler.  The steps leading down from the street are extremely steep, and seem to week out the less thirsty/hungry.

Having been there twice before in 1997, somehow I'm sure that everyone had mussels for dinner.  And you should too.

Across the way we could see that we were not the only interlopers from across the pond, as there was a table speaking fluent English, none of this British stuff either.  Who are these guys?

Grimbergen Dubble Abbaye
Dark, good malt, but not heavy.

Celes White
Don't bother

Finally, a nice short night, back to the hotel by 9 PM!

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View of the center from a canal