The Mad Brewer Explores the Low Countries
Straffe Hendrix

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November 4, 1998

If it's Wednesday, then it must be time for a brewery tour.  This place is both a brewery and a brewery museum, intertwined in the same building.  Not to mention cafe and bar, but those are really secondary.  The food is quite inexpensive, and the Belgian version of toasties are damned good.  The only beer they server is Straffe Hendrix draught, so don't plan a long drinking session.

The tour itself is not for the faint of heart, or for those with a fear of small places, heights, or very steep stairs.

After we left Straffe Hendrix, we went in search of a cafe called De Scharr (the sissors), which is listed in some of the guide books.  We managed to find it, after several false starts, only to find out it did not open until 6 PM.  As it was only 5, we did place tourist and kill some time.

The bottom line is that De Scharr is a restaurant, not a pub.  Since there were no diners at this early hour, we had not problem getting served.  They were starting the grill, which is a real wood fire.   The beer selection is very limited, but they have Scotch, and wine, and most likely some very fine food.  Any takers?

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The master control panel

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A good place to hang a basket.

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More widgets

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Large enconomy size bottle.

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NNo earthquakes around here

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Rooftop coolship

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Rooftop View

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Very steep stairs.

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Old fermentation squares

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OOld conditioning tanks

PIC00039.jpg (18397 bytes)

TWall of beermats