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t' Brugges Beertje Part 2

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San Francisco

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t' Brugges Beertje, Part 2

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November 3, 1998

After too much of the upscale thing, we started to miss "The Bear", so back we went.  One advantage of travelling in the off season, is that you don't have to fight for a table in some really great places, and so it was here.

We stayed late into the evening (what else is new), and eventually met Jan, and invited him to visit us in San Jose.  A few weeks later he did, and got a picture of him at the Toronado.

Note that they are closed on Wednesday, which is why we are here today (Tuesday) instead.

Cantillon Gueze
Classic dry gueze, greate character, sour, and bone dry.  It might be possible to drink a lot of this.

McChouffe by Auchuffe.  8.5%
Chocolate, but not sweet.  World class beer, got to have it.

La Gauloise Dubbel
Malty nose, sharpness in the flavor, very drinkable.  Very well done.

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Jan, on his visit to the U.S.