The Mad Brewer Explores the Low Countries

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October 29, 1998

As we continue our journey to the promised land (of beer), we departed Heathrow, but not all that is English, on a British Air jet for Amsterdam.  It's a tiny little plane, but they make up for it with the stewardesses, who wear those cute little hats.

After landing in the Amsterdam airport, it's off to the train, streamlined by the fact that all of our luggage is carry-on.  Customs is a breeze here compared to elsewhere, they wouldn't even look at our bags.

The train takes us to the central station in Amsterdam, where we wander around until we find the little shop that sells tram tickets.  Then we board the tram (2 or 5), bound for the Hotel Acro.  The tram cuts thru the city center, and is quite efficient.   Learning to use the strip tickets, however, takes a little doing.  But no matter, we checked into the hotel without a hitch, and are now bound for the IJ brewery.

This requires that we take the tram back one stop, then catch the 10, which takes us way out to the northwest corner of the city, where we promptly get lost by getting off at the wrong stop.  Have you ever searched for a windmill in the dark in a strange city after going without sleep for a day and a half?  I don't recommend it.  But with proper motivation, i.e., a beer waiting, it can be done. 

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Wandering around Amsterdam

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A Big old building!

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And the square

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