The Mad Brewer Explores the Low Countries
Bok Festival

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Brouwerij 't IJ
After dark
Bok Festival
The Jester



October 30, 1998

The festival is held in a huge hall, but not nearly large enough for the crowd it attracts.  The front room is open, with breweries serving beer from the wings, and people crowded together in the middle.  The back room was somewhat more civilized, including tables and chairs, but a real challenge when it came to acquiring the next beer.  The entire building is brick, even the ceiling.

The really strange part was that they closed the restrooms on the main floor, which forced everyone to use the small facilities in the basement.  To add insult to injury, they actually charge to use them as well.  Strange customs in a strange land.

On the upside, there were several glass washing stations spread about, so you can rinse your glass between samples.

Michael Jackson was here, hawking his latest book.  Since we speak no Dutch, he was kind enough to sign Kim's program.

Haerlernsch Herfsbox (Haerlemsche)
Strongest beer at the festival, sweetish, but very tasty and drinkable.  Served a little too cool.

Super Strongbock (Maasland)
Clovy finish, not very drinkable.

Old Corruption (Firkin)
Lots of crystal malt, winey finish, 7% ale, English.

Us Heit Twels Bokbier (De Friese)
Dark, malty, watery aroma, malty flavor, but not sweet.  A very good Bok.

Jopen 4 Granen Bok (Jopen)
Translucent copper color, none of this sugary flavor, almost like real beer!

Kasparus Bokkus (Kasparus)
Bottle conditioned.  Good malt flavor, balanced, bus some sweet aftertaste.   Very dark.  Licorice.

Chouffe Bok (Achouffe)
Dry, slightly sour finish.  An interesting brew.

Gelders Bokbier
Clove and sharp, but dry.

Moerenburger Bokbier
Light copper, very dry.

Wildbok (Schelde Brewery)
Chill haze?

De Lockere Bokbier
Interesting finish, licorice?

Mostly fizzy, very dark.

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Program Cover

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Got Bok?

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AMichael signed the program.